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  • Erin Posted 5 oktober 2023 06:42

    Sarah was my 7th grade teacher but left a huge impact on my life. She was such a positive influence to everyone around her. Her laughter would fill our classroom and making her laugh was one of my favorite things to do. She would laugh so hard at my funny faces that actually wrote about Sarah in a page that I had submitted for a book “Then Me, Now Me.”

    She radiated love and joy and will be missed by all.

  • Kayla Frost Posted 5 oktober 2023 00:34

    Sarah was one of my mom’s very best friends and brought a lot of joy and kindness to her life. I’m heartbroken to lose Sarah and for my mom who lost such an incredible friend, but happy Sarah was a part of our lives for so many years!

    I always felt like Sarah was a part of our family. Over the years she came to family holidays, we traveled together, and shared so many moments. I stayed with her for a week in Leiden and had such a fun experience seeing her favorite places, meeting her friends, riding bikes, exploring art and nature. At the local market Sarah even convinced me to try oysters for the first time, which did NOT go well but was a moment I won’t forget because Sarah made it fun!

    Sarah was the kind of person you could love instantly. And the more you knew Sarah, the more you loved her. Actually– love, in the present… that’ll never fade. There are so many of us who love and will never stop loving Sarah! Her beautiful spirit and energy will be with us always.

    I can’t find a photo of me and Sarah together (I’m sure there are some somewhere), so here’s one I love of Sarah and Barbra (aka my mom!).

  • Miriam Posted 3 oktober 2023 10:35

    I teach in the classroom across the hall from Sarah’s class. One of the things that struck me most was the joy that came from her classroom. Not only from her students at the time, but whenever past students would come by, there would be shrieks of excitement, big hugs and lots of laughter. Sarah certainly made an impact on all of those who were lucky enough to cross her path and she will be missed

  • Ilse & Burak Posted 2 oktober 2023 08:55

    We will always remember Sarah as the joyfull, crazy, sweet angel she was. Always compassionate and considerate for others, and above all we will remember her big beautiful smile. Going trough our pictures we enjoy the moments shared again. A lot of them have funny faces in them 😉 This picture is from a year ago. We went apple picking in the Olmenhorst, stroll on the farm market and afterwards to Lisse for lunch. Where we almost got run over by a horse carriage, turns out there was an annual event for harness racing. So there was music everywhere and ofcourse Sarah danced, nobody was dancing yet but Sarah did. And she made Rick (and us) dance as well 😀 She wanted to enjoy life to the fullest, that is what we take from her with us. Treasure each moment and make the best of it… even in difficult times. We feel that her spirit lives on.

  • Ruud Posted 1 oktober 2023 19:24

    Sarah & Carolyn

  • Carolyn and Ruud Posted 1 oktober 2023 19:20

    Dear Sarah, we are toasting you today, dear friend. Your joy, laughter and levenslust will linger with us. We will always remember your coming over for the photo shoot to our place on the “silly street” (DeSillestraat), food trucks in Leiden and your beautiful wedding, alpaca spit and all. It was a joy working with you as half of the MS English team in NL and being mistaken as a couple when we first arrived from Korea. We want to send love and a big hug to your family. ❤️❤️, Carolyn and Ruud

  • Claire and Max Posted 30 september 2023 13:57

    Sarah was the first friend we made when we moved to Leiden. She helped make the Netherlands home with her beautiful big smile, her crazy antics and zest for life. We are better people for having known her and we miss her deeply.

  • Gabrielle Glasbergen Posted 30 september 2023 11:49

    Lieve Rick &Familie , heel veel sterkte deze aankomende tijd met het verlies van jullie lieve Sarah.

  • Vanessa Low Posted 30 september 2023 11:16

    Thank you for showing up in my life my dear angel Sarah, your sunny positive energy, joy and laughter with beautiful eyes will forever inspire me to be the light, kind-hearted and always a friendly warm welcome to anybody from all over the world. You are a living example and I will passing forward your loving kindness until the end. Short but precious memory together, but is the most importance treasure piece of my soul. We will meet again, love.
    Deepest condolence to Rick and families.
    Loving memories with Sarah at July 13, 2018 Museumdorp Orvelte, NL.

  • Laura Faulk Posted 29 september 2023 09:40

    This photo is from April 18, 2011. We were out for an SIS triathlon training ride and stopped at Olympic Park in Seoul to see the cherry blossoms.

    Sarah radiated love. Everyone who met her could feel her positivity and joy. She will be missed.

  • Mike Hovis Posted 28 september 2023 17:33

    Gone too soon, glad we had a chance to get to know you all. Deepest condolences from all of us.

  • Jean Posted 28 september 2023 17:04

    Sarah was in my 6th grade team and as a colleague, she was very kind and thoughtful. She never fail to remember our birthdays and she made sure we feel special on our birthday. She was also fun to be with.

    I miss you, Sarah!

    May her memory be a blessing to us all.

  • Anja Winkelmolen Posted 27 september 2023 21:40

    You can shed tears that she is gone
    Or you can smile because she has lived
    You can close your eyes and pray that she will come back
    Or you can open your eyes and see all that she has left
    Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her
    Or you can be full of the love that you shared
    You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday
    Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday
    You can remember her and only that she is gone
    Or you can cherish her memory and let it live on
    You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
    Or you can do what she would want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on..

    This lovely photo from Sarah is made on 15th of july 2023 on our farm.
    Sarah and Rick stayed overnight in the camper on their way to Germany and Luxemburg..
    It was a great evening and morning and in our memories forever,

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