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  • Yvan BAILLION Posted 5 juli 2022 17:56

    2 months after, it is still difficult to realize that Johannes went away. But we have to.

    As Sentinel-3 program manager at industry side, I had the opportunity to work with Johannes and to appreciate his passion and his humanity. We built a trustful relationship during 10 years and it was also a real pleasure to exchange together.

    My sincere condolences to his family

    I will really miss you Johannes !

  • Rob Koopman Posted 10 mei 2022 11:37


  • Rob Koopman Posted 10 mei 2022 11:31

    Celebrating Envisat SODAP

  • Rob Koopman Posted 10 mei 2022 11:28

    Here are some additional photos, kindly provided by Johannes colleagues from his Bremen days

  • Christina Kippes Posted 9 mei 2022 22:31

    Liebe Ulrike, ich habe noch ein Foto gefunden, das ich gerne noch teilen möchte. Es zeigt Johannes 1999 in Bremen, als ich Euch dort besucht habe und er die Sehenswürdigkeiten dort gezeigt hat. Es war ein so schöner Abend und Tag mit Euch. Ich werde ihn, seine Begeisterung und die Zeit, die er sich gerne für andere genommen hat, immer in Erinnerung behalten. Ich wünsche Dir und der Familie viel Kraft und Stärke in dieser schweren Zeit. Ich fühle mit Euch.

  • Daniele Temperanza Posted 9 mei 2022 11:15

    It has been a pleasure to work with Johannes, such a passionate colleague, and also to listen at lunch time about his personal interests like sport and music. We will miss such a great and rich personality.

    My deepest condolences to Frerick family in this difficult moment.

  • Mike Krassenburg Posted 9 mei 2022 09:17

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent,
    and to everybody else who will miss Johannes so much,

    like others I first met Johannes in the Envisat days – what a friendly & happy guy..
    More recently Johannes was my teacher on all things SLSTR; we had many private chats where he’d explain things, and then write up a short note with nice drawings to send to me: very often I’d receive these email notes on a Saturday night as he’d been pondering the problem. So kind to do this for me and real measure of his dedication.

    Always friendly, happy, helpful & generous with his time.
    Johannes you were a special person and a star. We will miss you my friend.

  • Maciek Neneman Posted 8 mei 2022 18:38

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent,

    Anyone who knew Johannes will surely find it hard to believe but at beginning of my traineeship in his team I was nervous when I wanted to ask him about opinion on a roadbike I wanted to buy. 15 minutes later we were talking and laughing like old friends.
    His kindness couldn’t be matched. When he saw me trying to pack my things from the office on my bicycle, he just put the boxes in his car and drove them to my house. Even in his most difficult time he always offered his advice and assistance. Working with Johannes not only showed me what career I want to pursue but also what kind of man I want to become.
    I offer you my deepest condolences. There is no doubt he will be missed and remembered by all the people he met on his way.

  • Jens Nieke Posted 7 mei 2022 14:07

    Liebe Ulrike, Ricarda und Vincent,

    Vielen Dank, dass ihr es einrichten konntet Johannes vor seinem Ableben nochmals zu treffen. Ich hatte nicht gedacht dass er so schnell von uns gehen wird.

    Johannes wird für immer in meinem Herzen und in meinen Erinnerungen verweilen.
    Meine aufrichtige Anteilnahme und herzlichstes Beileid!

    Anbei ein Bild von einer unserer unzähligen gemeinsamen Reisen (hier im Zug nach Plesetsk, Dezember 2015)

  • Douwe and Kelly Vellinga Posted 6 mei 2022 20:32

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent,

    Johannes and I cycled countless kilometres together; often just the two of us but also enjoying group rides at the ESTEC cycling club and he was the one introducing me to the Wielrennert from Leiden. Not seldom, at the end of a ride I would tell Kelly how I wish I could cycle like Johannes when I would reach his age (there’s a bit of an age gap)! In recent years he would also follow me cycling and he had similar words for me. While cycling there were actually not many words but we grew an immense respect for each other. During your illness we got to know your family better and were happy to help out with support and a dish to eat. We will miss him forever but we will certainly keep contact to share memories. Our thoughts are with you Ulrike, Ricarda, Vincent and family.

    Douwe and Kelly

  • Anders Elfving Posted 6 mei 2022 19:30

    Johannes was “een beste fietsmaat” and a valued colleague! We discovered many new cyclepaths together and had our common challenges with the instrument developments in Leonardo. By in depth analysis, Johannes always found a multitude of possible solutions and got them implemented through his friendly and motivating approach. I will miss his open door for an interesting discussion and intellectual conversation in general.

    My wife Suze and I offer our sincere condolences to Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent

  • Thomas Vaessen Posted 6 mei 2022 18:55

    My deep sympathies go out to Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent and of course any other family and friends.

    I only met Johannes once but it was through an act of kindness. Being interested in physics and space I was looking for someone who could talk to me what it’s like working for ESA and so I met Johannes. Not only did he make time for me to talk passionately about his career, physics and working for ESA, he even had a whole powerpoint presentation prepared. We talked for a few hours on Zoom and his kindness, enthusiasm and passion for space really impressed me and are still an inspiration to this day
    Johannes, I hope you’re well wherever you are.

  • Dave Smith Posted 6 mei 2022 15:00

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent,

    What can I say – I’m sure your hearts are broken and my thoughts and prayers are with you at this tough time. I could say many things about Johannes, but my abiding memory of him was his generosity, enthusiasm and willingness to dig deep. We would often bounce ideas off each other. He would propose some theory as a challenge for me to unpick – usually on a Friday afternoon or when he was at the airport. One of the small benefits during the lockdown of 2020-2022 was the ability to use zoom, and I will remember with fondness the Friday afternoon discussions over a virtual beer – before going off to cook tea.

    He will be missed.


  • Huub Vink Posted 6 mei 2022 12:03

    My thoughts are with those Johannes leaves behind, And especially those who were close to him, who he loved so much and made him so proud. Johannes was man with many talents and he will leave many gaps. Simple said, he was a cycling buddy for me. But actually he was much more, I enjoyed the great conversations we had on the bike, but also the quick chats at work or when we met on the road. I was always impressed by his enthusiasm and endless determination.

  • Simon Hyde & Geraldine Flynn Posted 6 mei 2022 12:00

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent,

    Around 13 years ago I was riding in to ESTEC from an early morning training ride when Johannes rode up alongside and introduced himself by telling me Ulrike knew my wife through the kids. Shortly after that the ESTEC cycling group started with Johannes dragging us all around the Groene Hart, in every weather. He was always a joy to be with. Words fail us at times like these. We can only hope you all find peace and solace. He was taken far too soon.

  • Claudia Wildner Posted 6 mei 2022 11:00

    Liebe Ulrike, Ricarda und Vincent,
    Mein allerherzlichstes Beileid. Beim Kaffee hat Johannes mir immer so viel von Euch erzaehlt, von neuen Fahrradabenteuern und vom Rezept das er am Abend ausprobieren wollte. Johannes war so ein netter Kerl, er wird mir unglaublich fehlen.
    Ich denke ganz sehr an Euch.

  • Jean-François Flamand Posted 6 mei 2022 10:59

    Words… don’t come easy to me.

    Johannes was such an amazing person and colleague.
    Our personal and professional exchanges were always very rich and rewarding.

    I offer Ulrike, Ricarda, Vincent and his family and friends my sincerest condolences.

    I miss him already.


  • Marika Orlandi Posted 6 mei 2022 10:44

    My deepest condolences to the Frerick family in this time of grief and loss.
    Johannes was in addition to a valued colleague also a good friend.
    He will be sorely missed by many. May his spirit bring you strength.

  • Mathijs Smit Posted 6 mei 2022 10:25

    In 2014 werd ik gevraagd mee te fietsen met de ESTEC-fietsclub en raakte ik met Johannes aan de praat. De kilometers vlogen voorbij. Niet alleen omdat Johannes weer eens goede benen had, maar ook omdat we geanimeerd in gesprek raakten. Hij was geïnteresseerd in mijn Styrkeproven, een tocht die hij in 2017 zelf mocht rijden en omschreef als: “Best cycling event of my life!”.
    Die eerste fietstocht werd de basis van een vriendschap. Met vreugde denk ik terug aan de vele fietskilometers die volgden, de gesprekken over onderdelen, de avondjes bioscoop met de vrouwen, de gluhwein-vieringen, je opgewektheid en je wereldkennis. Er waren nog plannen van fietsen in Afrika tot het opsporen van olielozingen met satellieten. Helaas het mocht niet zo zijn.
    Johannes, je was een van mijn eerste nieuwe maatjes na onze verhuizing naar NL. Ik ben zeer dankbaar dat ik deze jaren met je op mocht trekken.
    Ulrike, Ricarda, Vincent, gecondoleerd met het verlies van jullie man en vader.

  • Carole Posted 6 mei 2022 09:00

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent,
    I have been working with Johannes and will always keep in mind his quiet attitude in front of problems, his resolution to solve problems. I also remember Johannes as a rider that I follow on Strava. How many times I have been impressed by his cycling rides and the speed!!! He always had a nice word in the morning when we meet in Escape after our morning ride to go to Estec. Always a big smile as enthusiastic to start his working day, showing me his last cycling shoes made of carbon because more light. He has been my motivation to come to Estec by bicycle. He has been the sun in the morning with his big smile.
    He certainly got all this energy from his love of his family.
    I will miss him a lot and he will leave a hole in our life.
    My sincere condolences to all the family.
    Johannes rest in peace.

  • Elaine Posted 6 mei 2022 08:21

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda, Vincent and all friends and family,
    My sincere condolences during this sad time. Words cannot describe the hole Johannes has left in all our lives.
    For me I will remember him for the passion he put into everything he did and spoke of 🙂
    With a smile and a tear will will try to maintain that passion.
    4ever in our hearts

  • ANA GARCIA Posted 5 mei 2022 23:41

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent,
    I am truly sorry for your loss. My most sincere condolences.
    Powerful and energetic, determined and highly motivated, enthusiastic and passionate. Those adjectives define the way Johannes approached life, how he handled the issues at work and other challenges he was eager to take.
    Honest and truthful, friendly and communicative, kind and caring. These and more qualities he attained. He was well appreciated and he will be missed.

  • Gianni Vable Posted 5 mei 2022 23:34

    I’ve been lucky to meet Johannes and to work with him since 2011 for the Sentinel 3 project.
    With Johannes we lose a kind-hearted, extremely competent and sociable person who has given me so much both professionally and personally.
    Even if the workload sometimes almost did not allow it, he always found a way to give us a smile to play down the situation.
    Exquisite person, whom I sincerely respected.
    Thanks for everything.
    We will miss you very much.

  • Manuel Sanchez Posted 5 mei 2022 23:23

    Dear Johannes,
    Every time we met, since the times of Envisat, you were always smiling. I will remember you that way. Thank you for bringing that to our lives.

  • Kristof Gantois Posted 5 mei 2022 22:25

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent,
    So grateful to have met, worked and shared many things of life with Johannes.
    Full of enthusiasm, such a creative mind, so inspiring and passionate. Never giving up, always making the best of a setback, looking for new solutions and trying to make something positive out of it. The many times he stepped in my office with a cup of coffee… to discuss and exchange new ideas … often ending with discussion on cycling, the family, the kids (was so proud of you!!), laughing, joking together…
    “My trumpet buddy”… a natural talent! How much fun to learn and play music with him!
    So much respect on how he challenged his last “big mountain stage” – even then we often used cycling terms…
    Many good memories… I cherish them close to my heart.
    Beyond all the pain and grief… I hope you can find solace, strength and inspiration in all the good memories of the very special inspiring person Johannes truly was.
    My sincere condolences,
    Kristof and family

  • Christian Schwarz Posted 5 mei 2022 20:19

    Es war mir eine Freude Johannes als Kollegen vor ein paar Jahren bei einem Training in ESTEC kennengelernt zu haben. Sein freundliches Wesen werde ich in guter Erinnerung halten und wird mir weiterhin ein Vorbild sein.

    Liebe Ulrike, Ricarda und Vincent, ich hoffe Ihr findet Trost in den vielen guten Erinnerungen, die auch hier von Johannes berichtet werden und in diesen Zeichen der Liebe ein Stueck Kraft, die Euch weitertraegt.

  • Nic Mardle Posted 5 mei 2022 16:50

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent,

    words fail me when I think about the loss of Johannes. Although we had only known each other for a few years he had become much more than just an amazing colleague, but a real friend to me. During lock-down we spoke many times and found that we had so much more in common than Sentinel-3 and we were looking forward to being able to meet up and have our long awaited “cooking contest” and watch one of our many shared favourite films together. He was such a special person with an indomitable spirit. I will miss him immensely, but I will never forget his laugh and his huge heart.

    My thoughts are with you at this very difficult time.

  • Stefan Kiryenko Posted 5 mei 2022 16:12

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent,
    I feel fortunate to have met Johannes, and shared so many nice memories together. Johannes was an exceptional man, gifted by so many human qualities. Working with him was always a renewed pleasure, aiming at excellence while interacting in a very constructive and friendly manner. His passion was communicative both at work, and beside when he was sharing his passions in life. To see his drive, at work and beside (for example through his numerous cycling events) was and remains inspiring. Johannes has reached to many many people, will be missed dearly and remembered as a reference of a truly good man.
    Please accept my deepest condolences,

  • Christophe Caspar Posted 5 mei 2022 14:49

    I met Johannes first the time while he was working on Sciamachy in Bremen. He eventually took my position at ESTEC when I moved to Italy. Afterward we had no opportunity to work together but it was always a big pleasure to meet such an open, friendly and enthusiastic person.
    My sincere condolences to Johannes Family.


  • Marta en Fernando Posted 5 mei 2022 14:22

    We feel thankful for our years-long friendship with Johannes and his family and the many joyful moments we shared. He was always welcoming and open, kind and thoughtful. His calm but passionate style will remain in our memories. It was a pleasure to share a part of our lives with him. We will continue to walk along with Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent while Johannes’ smile stays in our hearts.

  • Maurizio Giustini Posted 5 mei 2022 13:20

    Dear Johannes, I had the chance to work with you for around 10 years on Sentinel 3 project. Your professional attitude, your competences but most of all your energy and enthusiasm were unique and will remain a wonderful memory in my mind. RIP.

  • Jean-Loup Bezy Posted 5 mei 2022 11:38

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent,
    It is with great sadness that I learn of Johaness passing. We were office neighbors at ESTEC for many years. I remember heated discussions about work and our hobbies. Johannes had the gift of sharing his passions. Beyond his professionalism, I will remember his kindness and his permanent good humor. Johannes was a colleague with whom I enjoyed working and from whom I learned a lot.
    Please accept my sincere condolences and expression of deep sympathy.

  • Anne Grete Straume-Lindner Posted 5 mei 2022 10:03

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent,
    I still remember very well my early interactions with Johannes, when he promptly responded to my first email requests. In his reply and the follow-up phone calls, he provided me with the latest news and insight into the investigations of the unexpected problems with the SCIAMACHY instrument channel 8. Always very friendly, enthusiastic, helpful, and willing to share information. Also later, when he informed me of a job opportunity at ESA leading to us becoming colleagues, he again showed his great personal support and ambassadorship for the Agency. Robert, Sindre, Solveig and I also had the privilege to be invited to meet you, and to enjoy warm and fun spring or summer nights together in your garden with your family and friends.
    We wish you a lot of strength to come through this difficult time. Our sincere condolences, Johannes is dearly missed both personally and professionally!
    Anne Grete with family

  • Francois Bausier Posted 4 mei 2022 17:47

    Dear Ulrike and the family,
    I have been working with Johannes since I joined the Sentinel-3 project in 2020 and I have spent a very good time with him, he was always enthusiastic and looking for solutions.
    Apart from work related discussions we also enjoyed talking about cycling and the latest/upcoming races.
    Sincere condoleances to all the family, we will miss you Johannes.

  • Philippe Terrenoire Posted 4 mei 2022 16:17

    Liebe Ulrike und familie,

    I knew Johannes since about 10 years. We did not really worked together since we were on different topics but we had the opportunities to talk together after our meetings, on family, cycling, life.
    I will keep the memory of a good man, with a communicative smile.
    I wish you to overpass these present bad days, to only keep in mind every good times you had together.

    toutes mes condoléances,


  • Cousin Bernd Posted 4 mei 2022 14:17

    Lieber Johannes, dein kluger Geist und deine positive, herzliche Art haben dir viele Türen im Leben geöffnet –
    umso unfassbarer nun, dass du schon und viel zu früh die Letzte davon durchschreiten musstest.

    Mein mitfühlendes Beileid Ulrike, Ricarda und Vincent. Wünsche Euch viel Kraft und Trost in
    dieser schwierigen Zeit.

  • Damien Maeusli Posted 4 mei 2022 13:43

    Although I was aware that Johannes had a serious illness, it still is almost impossible to believe and accept the sad news.
    We shortly had worked together at the time of Envisat and then we moved to different Earth Observation projects. Both living in Haaswijk area, we however continued to meet each other in the street very regularly, Johannes on his bike and myself walking with the dog. Even if we did not have long talks, his smile certainly replaced many many words.
    For sure the image of a smiling and sportive Johannes as well of an appreciated ESA colleague will remain engraved in my memory forever.
    All my deep and sincere sympathy to Johannes’ family and his loved ones. During these difficult moments, be sure that you will be all in our thoughts here in Switzerland where my family recently moved to.


  • Willemien van Lint Posted 4 mei 2022 12:24

    Ulrike, Ricarda en Vincent,

    Ik hoorde vandaag van Caecil het verdrietige bericht van het overlijden van je man en jullie vader.
    We hebben elkaar al een tijdje niet gesproken.
    Wat ontzettend verdrietig dat jullie nu al afscheid van elkaar moeten nemen.
    Heel veel sterkte nu en met het gemis in de toekomst.

    Hartelijke groet,

    Willemien van Lint

  • Ilse Aben Posted 4 mei 2022 11:44

    What a terrible and shocking news. I met Johannes during the SCIAMACHY days when he worked in Bremen. Great adventurous and unique period, meeting new colleagues and making new friends, having many meetings and conferences where we would socialise over dinner and drinks.
    After the SCIA-days we would bump into each other now-and-then at various work-related occasions mostly at ESA premises or ESA conferences, where it was always great to catch-up with Johannes.
    Johannes had enormous drive and was very knowledgeable. Moreover, he was always super friendly, enthusiastic and had a big smile.

    My sincerest condolences to family and friends

  • Felice Vanin Posted 4 mei 2022 11:11

    Dear Ulrike/all,

    I have been working for and with Johannes in Sentinel 3, we have been close colleagues working together to a common goal. I have been privileged to know Johannes and work together with him, I will carry forever his memory, his positive attitude to any problem, his attention to details, his curiosity to know more and understand issues, his friendly attitude and his constant encouragement to do more and better. Johannes had positive energy and a strong drive. He supported me in my career development and with incredible help we have been working together to my interview preparation, I got the job and this again was our common success. I have been impressed of his sincere dignity and humility he demonstrated facing this hard period of sickness. Johannes has been an example, someone to look up to, a reference of a truly good person. Thank you for all!

  • Bernd Seitz Posted 4 mei 2022 10:35

    Liebe Ulrike, Ricarda und Vincent
    Ich bedaure sehr, dass Johannes diesen letzten Kampf verloren hat.
    Solange ich ihn kenne – seit 2007 als Kollege bei Sentinel-3 – hat Johannes alle seine Herausforderungen mit überragendem Sportsgeist und Enthusiasmus angepackt und gemeistert. Auch dieser letzten Herausforderung hat er sich mit aller Kraft und seiner ihm eigenen besonderen Herangehensweise gestellt. Äusserst schade, dass es nicht geklappt hat, ich hätte es ihm so sehr gewünscht.
    Mein herzliches Beileid

  • Berit Posted 4 mei 2022 10:26

    Johannes, unsere Wege kreuzten sich zum ersten Mal in 1998 während der 24/7 Kalibrierungsphase SCIAMACHY’s in Schiphol Oost. Seitdem, unabhängig von mehreren Jobwechseln, haben sich unsere Wege immer wieder gekreuzt und ich werde die regen Gespräche auf dem Gang über technische Details und immer einen guten Austausch auch über anderes sehr vermissen. Ich kann es noch nicht glauben, sicher auch nachdem wir im Dezember 2019 noch die ‘alten’ Kollegen von SCIA Zeiten in Bremen beim SCIA4future Symposium getroffen haben. Es ist eine Ehre Dich kennengelernt zu haben. Du hast uns und speziell Deine Nächsten viel zu früh nach hartem Kampf verlassen. Viel Stärke, und mein herzlichstes Beileid an Deine Nächsten. RIP.

  • Silvio Dolce Posted 3 mei 2022 18:48

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent,
    sincere condolences. I wish you strength and courage in this difficult and painful moment.
    Johannes has been a dear and inspiring person.
    I am terribly sorry that a sad fate took him away so soon.
    Silvio Dolce

  • Antonio Posted 3 mei 2022 16:42

    Our brief chats at ESCAPE’s dressing room after cycling to ESTEC panned from sport to wine, from work to family matters. Your cheerful smile gave me the right kick to start the day. I’ll remember you for all my life.
    You’ve left us too soon, my friend….
    You’ve gone cycling in a place without boundaries and with no barriers…
    I’ll shake your hand not to say good-bye but rather “see you down the road!”

  • Wilma en Ton van den Berg Posted 3 mei 2022 15:51

    Lieve Ulrike, Ricarda en Vincent, wat een verdrietig bericht vonden wij op de deurmat. We hebben elkaar al een tijdje niet gesproken. Geen buurtborreltjes door corona. Veel te vroeg en voor ons plotseling.
    Wat ontzettend verdrietig dat hem en jullie niet meer tijd gegeven is. Heel veel sterkte met deze moeilijke weg die jullie moeten gaan en met het gemis in de toekomst.
    Hartelijke groet, Ton en Wilma

  • Patricia Posted 3 mei 2022 15:22

    Oh Johannes, your energy, your passion, they were contagious! I’m so grateful I got the chance to catch them, working with you more than 10 years on Sentinel-3. So many good memories I keep with me, our repeated brainstorming sessions to solve the last issue on SLSTR, our chats about family, holidays and restaurant tips, holding the S3 flag with Claudia in the middle of the night to support your 24H cycling challenge in Zandvoort, enjoying the good vibe of your concert with Kristof in Katwijk, and many more… It is unfair you had to go so soon, it makes me deeply sad. I’ll remain your big fan and your friend, always. My thoughts are with Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent.

  • Bruno Berruti Posted 3 mei 2022 14:13

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent
    I met Johannes in 2006 as specialist scientist but since then he has gradually turned for me to be much more than just a good colleague. We have been sharing 12 years of exciting and intense Sentinel-3 adventures during which I have more and more appreciated Johannes professionality, determination and support, where I could always count on him. But we also had the time for lengthy chats about our stile of life, our families and our hobbies, relying on each other when in need for a sincere talk and building a friendship that will last forever. I will greatly miss Johannes and I offer to you all and the rest of the family my deepest condolences.

  • Antonios Atlasis Posted 3 mei 2022 14:10

    I first met Johannes at the sidelines of the basketball courts, cheering for BS/ZZ Leiden U14/U16 teams. Always enthusiastic and passionate. I still remember when he played his trumpet at the U14 finals.
    A bit later, we also became colleagues, when I also joined ESA. Although I did not have the chance to work him, I used to meet him during our morning cycling to ESTEC [while Johannes was cycling to the opposite direction, to cycle longer than the normal route 🙂 ] When one evening I followed him through the dunes, he was kind enough to wait for me (since it is was not easy to keep up with his pace…).
    Trying to recall all the times I met him, I believe there was not even once without smiling, even at the day he announced to me his health issue.
    Our thoughts are with you, Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent. We wish you courage and strength.
    Antonios & family

  • Herbert Nett Posted 3 mei 2022 13:07

    Liebe Ulrike, Ricarda und Vincent,

    mit Johannes verbinden mich schoene Einnerungen, angefangen mit dem Envisat Projekt, gemeinsamen Dienstreisen und Lauf- und Radtouren. Bei allem war Johannes enthusiastisch, voller Energie, immer ganz bei der Sache. Auch in schwierigen Momenten blieb er gelassen, nahm Dinge mit Humor. Sein grosses Wissen wurde in seinem ESA-Umfeld geschaetzt – Kollegen war er ein willkommener Gespraechspartner.
    Johannes wird uns fehlen, wir trauern mit Euch und wuenschen Euch viel Kraft und Trost – Margit & Herbert Nett

  • Nick Goody Posted 3 mei 2022 12:43

    Although he was a colleague I knew Johannes more through cycling than work. Always determined, enthusiastic and positive in everything he did, many were the days he carried me round the “Dutch hills”. A smile, or was it a smirk, at the efforts of us mere mortals to keep up with him was never far from his face. He will be remembered within the ESTEC cycling community. Thank you for the good times we shared together Johannes. Ride well and always with a tail wind my friend. My thoughts are with Ulrike, Ricarda, Vincent and the rest of the family. RIP.

  • Marcel Dobber Posted 3 mei 2022 12:14

    I first got to know Johannes around 1996 when we were working together on SCIAMACHY. He was a very dedicated, knowledgeable and nice colleague and we spent many meetings and dinners discussing all kinds of things.
    Every time I visited ESTEC I ran into Johannes and we always spent quite some time discussing the past, present and future.
    Johannes was always there and ready for a nice talk about work-related things or other things. I enjoyed these moments and talks with him very much.
    Now I was shocked to hear that he passed away, for me so suddenly. We won’t be able to discuss Mueller matrices, polarisation corrections and everything else any longer.
    I am very sad, but I will always cherish the fond memories I have of Johannes as a very pleasant and dedicated person and colleague.
    My sincere condolences to Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent and I wish you all the strength in the world.
    Marcel Dobber.

  • Thijs Rombouts Posted 3 mei 2022 12:01

    Het was heerlijk om af en toe naast Johannes in ons Wielrennert-peloton te kruipen. Altijd optimistische en humor-realistische verhalen, bijvoorbeeld toen ik hem vroeg of hij geen zorgen had over het veranderende klimaat: ‘och Quatsch, straks barst er ergens een vulkaan uit en gaat voor twee jaar op de hele wereld het licht uit, moet je dan es kijken naar je klimaat!’

  • Alain Santucci Posted 3 mei 2022 09:53

    J’ai connu Johannes sur le programme Sentinel3, je garde le souvenir de quelqu’un de respectueux, souriant et agréable.

    Toutes mes condoléances à sa famille.

  • Malcolm and Lise Davidson Posted 3 mei 2022 08:24

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent,

    We are at loss for words and would like you to know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. I recall that I enjoyed every time I met Johannes, even if only walking from the bike shed at ESTEC to our offices and talking about our common passion for cycling.

    It was a blessing to meet again with Johannes briefly two months ago on a walk around the idyllic Klinkerbergerplassen in Oegstgeest and once again experience and be inspired by his optimism and determination to see his sickness through. Together with Lise we share with you a profound feeling of loss and remember fondly our dear friend Johannes.

  • Roman Posted 2 mei 2022 21:41

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda, Vincent,

    Johannes was the oldest of all of my cousins in a big family. I was looking up to him lifelong as a smart, reliable and fun person.

    He introduced me to some topics that still have a significant impact on my life. One good example was a weekend in the early 90’s, when Johannes introduced me to his life as a student in Cologne. It was one of the first times visiting a town, that is worth calling a cosmopolitan city. Very impressive experience for a small town dude. There is so much more to discover behind the boundaries of our little home village! Something I didn’t realize immediately: this was also the beginning for becoming a supporter of the 1. FC Koeln.

    On behalf of our family, I would like to share our deepest sympathy with you at this difficult time. Although Johannes is not with us anymore, he will be not forgotten.

    Our thoughts are with you!
    Louisa, Julian, Barbara & Roman

  • Joost Carpay Posted 2 mei 2022 21:24

    What a sad and terrible loss, for all of us. Johannes will be sorely missed. I enjoyed our cooperation enormously and I admired Johannes drive, enthousiasm and knowledge. It is so strange I will no longer run into him at ESTEC and we will never be able to laugh together again.
    I wish Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent and of course all of us strength and may all the fond memories give comfort.

  • Marco Faraci Posted 2 mei 2022 20:26

    I had the privilege of meeting Johannes in the frame of the activities of the Sentinel 3 programme and I have deeply appreciated his gentleness and professionalism. He will be greatly missed.
    My sincere condolences to his family.

  • PICOT Nicolas Posted 2 mei 2022 12:50

    J’ai connu Johannes dans le cadre du travail et tout particulièrement des actions sur le projet Sentinel-3.
    J’ai eu beaucoup de plaisirs à échanger avec lui, encore plus ces dernières années où il a pris la responsabilité des échanges entre l’ESTEC et le CNES.
    Johannes était toujours disponibles, souriant, enthousiaste devant les travaux accomplis.
    Il nous manquera énormément.

    Toutes nos condoléances à sa famille et amis.
    Nicolas PICOT

  • John Burrows Posted 2 mei 2022 09:52

    I very much enjoyed the time when Johannes was a member of my research group from 1996 to 1999. Scientifically, he made some outstanding contributions to the development of the space sensor SCIAMACHY. Much more than this he was a great person to have known and work with. I have fond memories of Johannes, who enlightened our world and was a lively and active colleague. One good example was his playing the trumpet in celebration of doctoral students passing their examinations, which was always very well received. Hew was a kind- and warm-hearted man.
    On behalf of myself and all at the Institute of Environmental Physics of the University of Bremen, who knew Johannes, I send our heartfelt condolences.

    R.I.P. Johannes

    Professor John P. Burrows FRS

  • Patrick Deghaye Posted 2 mei 2022 09:30

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent,

    I have known Johannes since the times of Envisat and Rhea and I believe with time we became more then colleagues. We often met in the corridors or in Escape and took the time for a little chat ,and mentioning we should again meet with our families. He has always been passionate on all he did and above all i will remember his kindness and friendship.

    Our sincere condolence for the loss of you dear husband , father.
    All our though are with you in these terribly sad moments.

    Patrick and Catherine.

  • Hans en Dieneke van den Broek Posted 1 mei 2022 23:39

    Lieve Ulricke, Ricarda en Vincent,

    De schok was groot toen we vorig jaar hoorden, dat Johannes erg ziek was.
    Ik heb hem toen gesproken en hij was er van overtuigd, dat hij hier goed doorheen zou komen. Hij had een enorme vechtlust
    Helaas liep het anders af.
    Wij zijn diep bedroefd, dat het hem niet gegund is nog wat langer met jullie te genieten van het Leven, dat hem zo dierbaar was! Voor jullie is het hard om zonder hem door te moeten gaan.
    We wensen jullie hierbij heel veel kracht en sterkte toe.
    Johannes we hopen, dat waar je ook bent, je rust en vrede gevonden hebt.!
    We zullen je ontzettend missen,
    Lieve groet van ons, ‘where ever you are! ‘

    Hans en Dieneke..

  • Nicola Schneider Posted 1 mei 2022 22:51

    Liebe Ulrike + Familie,
    es tut uns unfassbar leid und wir sind sehr traurig. Wir haben viele Jahre mit Johannes ein Büro geteilt, er war ein toller Kollege und wir haben manche Stunde verquatscht statt zu arbeiten. Er hatte immer einen guten Tip was es als neustes zu lesen gab und er hat geholfen und motiviert wenn es mal schwer war bei der Arbeit – oder im Leben. Wir hatten eine so gute Zeit zusammen (was man auf dem Foto von Johannes und Robert sieht..), die uns immer in Erinnerung bleiben wird. Wir fühlen mit euch, diese Zeit ist schwer.
    Nicola und Robert

  • Britta Bozzi Posted 1 mei 2022 21:50

    Mein tiefstes Mitgefühl.

    Johannes habe ich beim Radtraining der Uni Köln Ende der 80er kennengelernt. Wir haben so manche Radtouren zusammen gemacht, er war schon damals ein besonders empathischer, intelligenter, zielgerichteter und freundlicher junger Mann.

    Auch erinnere ich mich, dass er gut Trompete spielte und seine Trompete sogar in der Uni dabei hatte und ich denke auch an ein besonderes Karneval, das Jahr, in dem wir zusammen Straßenmusik machten. Wir waren jung und unbeschwert und fühlten uns unsterblich. Es tut mir sehr, sehr leid, dass Johannes so früh schon von uns gehen musste.
    Ruhe in Frieden, Joe.

  • Sabine Bunten Posted 1 mei 2022 16:56

    Liebe Ulrike, liebe Ricarda und Vincent,
    auch wenn Worte Euren Verlust nicht lindern können, möchte ich Euch mein tiefstes Beileid aussprechen.
    Ich bin Johannes dankbar, dass ich nicht nur durch die Patenschaft mit Euch verbunden bin, sondern auch durch viele gemeinsame Erinnerungen, in denen er fortbestehen wird.


    “Da ist ein Land der Lebenden und ein Land der Toten, und die Brücke zwischen ihnen ist die Liebe – das einzig Bleibende, der einzige Sinn.”
    ―Thornton Wilder

  • Robert Lindner Posted 1 mei 2022 14:38

    Liebe Ulrike, liebe Ricarda und Vincent,
    Beileidsbekundungen können den Schmerz und die Erschöpfung wohl nicht lindern, der Ihr ausgesetzt seid nach dem langen Kampf. Ich möchte Euch nur versichern, dass ich in Gedanken bei Euch bin und dass ich Johannes in guter Erinnerung behalten werde, als durchaus humorvoll und auch hilfsbereit. Wir haben uns etwas aus den Augen verloren, die Lebenswege folgten verschiedenen Pfaden, aber unsere Anfänge auf dem Rad und beim Laufen habe ich nicht vergessen und denke gerne daran zurück.

  • Bernd Sierk Posted 1 mei 2022 11:25

    Liebe Ulrike, es tut mir leid, dass wir uns nie kennengelernt haben. Aber ich möchte Dir und Deinen Kindern mein tiefes Mitgefühl ausdrücken, für den Verlust eines so lieben Menschen wie Johannes. Als Kollege war es immer eine Freude, Johannes zu treffen und mit ihm zu “schnacken”. Und wenn er von der Familie erzählt hat, merkte man, wie sehr er Euch liebt. Ich werde ihn sehr vermissen, und nie vergessen. Euch wünsche ich die Kraft, diese schwere Zeit zu überstehen.
    Bernd & Familie

  • Bill Simpson Posted 1 mei 2022 10:14

    Dear Ulrike,
    I have known Johannes since Envisat/Rhea days and have grown to admire and respect him both professionally and in his approach to life.
    He will be greatly missed and my heartfelt condolences to you are the rest of the family.

  • Anne Goud en Wim van Zijp Posted 30 april 2022 21:58

    Johannes rust zacht. Ulrike, Ricarda en Vincent, heel veel sterkte met dit enorme verlies. Geef elkaar jullie liefde en steun om door te gaan. Anne en Wim.

  • Christina Kippes Posted 30 april 2022 19:52

    Mein allerherzlichstes Beileid. Ich bin erschüttert und kann es nicht fassen, dass Johannes nicht mehr unter uns ist. Ich habe Johannes im Studentenwohnheim in Köln kennengelernt. Wir haben auf demselben Flur gewohnt und im Laufe der Zeit so manchen feucht fröhlichen Abend gefeiert. Die Physikerfeten auch in der Zülpicher Straße waren legendär. Ich habe seinen Humor, seine festen Werte, seine Klarheit und Klugheit sehr geschätzt. Auf ihn konnte man sich immer verlassen. Ich wünsche Dir, liebe Ulrike, und der ganzen Familie viel Kraft in dieser schweren Zeit.

  • Matthias Frerick Posted 30 april 2022 15:54

    Herzliches Beileid und in Erinnerung an einen gemeinsamen schönen Urlaub mit der Gemeinde in Italien.

  • Armin Löscher Posted 30 april 2022 15:01

    Mein herzliches Beileid,
    Johannes wird mir immer als sportlich, kompetent und vor allem als menschlich und nett in Erinnerung bleiben. Ich wünsche den Hinterbliebenen viel Kraft.

  • Marika Posted 30 april 2022 13:41

    Sincere condolences to the whole family. Johannes was a valued colleague and good friend. We enjoyed sharing notes on our lunch and dinner recipes, especially for the weekend.
    We will miss you Johannes. Rest in peace.

  • Tristan simon Posted 30 april 2022 13:38

    Dear Ulrike,
    I feel privileged to have crossed path with Johannes. He is one of the very rare people who creates unanimity around him. His strength and his positive mind, especially in his last battle, are so inspiring. I wish you courage and strength. Please accept my most sincere condolences.

  • Evert Attema Posted 30 april 2022 12:45

    My sincere condolences for family and friends. Johannes will be remembered for his friendship, his scientific excellence and his major contributions to Earth observation from Space.

  • Iturria-laduree Posted 30 april 2022 10:53

    Chère Ulrike
    Nous sommes de tout cœur avec toi dans cette douloureuse épreuve. Nous pensons très fort à vous et vous adressons nos plus sincères condoléances à toi et tes enfants.
    Bénédicte & Gregory Ladurée

  • Rob Koopman Posted 30 april 2022 10:29

    Dear Ulrike, Ricarda and Vincent,
    Johannes has intensely tried to be with you as long as possible, with his strong will and great determination. It will be hard to find peace now that he was taken out of your lives so soon. Hopefully you will find gradually some peace and comfort, in the realisation that he was intensely appreciated also by his many friends and colleagues. I personally have known him since his Bremen days and have always enjoyed his friendliness and admired his strong drive and energy in everything he did. This was particularly true during his last battle, where the strong love for you was apparent in every interaction we had. I wish you lots of strength

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